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Ian Anderson

Version 1.0

Frontend Web Developer/Designer

Degree Business Management B.S.

Experience4 Years

LanguagesHTML/Pug, CSS/Sass, JavaScript/jQuery, React, Ruby

ToolsGit, Photoshop, VS Code, Emmet, WordPress


Theiananderson.com is the online home of Ian Anderson — a multidisciplinary web designer, developer, and marketer.

With over five years of experience, I have developed a knack for uncovering user insights and designing digital solutions to accommodate them. Throughout my career I have worked on projects that exceed expectations, met budget objectives and deadlines, and delivered real quantifiable results to clients. Not only have I ran my own business, but I have worked closely with business leaders and hold a degree in Business Management so I understand the business world and their needs and desires especially when it comes to their online presence.


"Ian accepted a 33% deposit and began working right away. I'm a tough guy to work with, almost always unsatisfied with css responsiveness work, but he dealt with my constant nagging really well. Highly recommend this guy. Thank you!"

- David Van Beveren

"I hired Ian to design my website for a hobby game that I play, it started as a basic few hour project and that was the budget we agreed upon. However he went above and beyond working very diligently to make the website everything I ever wanted it to be. I would highly, highly recommend his services if you ever find yourself in need of a great web designer. His customer service and professionalism are above anything I could have asked for."

- /u/Slayd1

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  • EMAIL to: ian@theiananderson.com

c3 Backflow

Weather App

Heir Atelier

HTML Template


The Whole Car


I was tasked with updating some aspects of their UI such as optimizing for mobile devices, updating menus, and retention pop-ups which I completed using CSS and Javascript manipulation. Check out their site for some insight into my work.

An older HTML template that I use from time to time to get new projects started quickly. Simple but easily customizable and easy to get off the ground.

Working with C3 Backflow I was tasked with updating their UI/UX and User Onboarding processes for their mobile and web applications. I decided on streamlining their onboarding systems to use fewer signup hoops to allow their new users to sign up and get going with their service as fast as possible. Using Ruby on Rails, a technology I wasn’t super comfortable with, I was excited to learn and expand my skill set by working with them.

MyKYnews is a free local news website that posts current news and events for a couple of counties in rural Kentucky. While there is competition in this field, the competitor's websites lack an aesthetic and readable layout with unobtrusive ads. Using WordPress the client's journalists and employees are easily able to navigate and update on the backend. Growth has been steady and boasts thousands of visitors a day.

This is just a simple material themed landing page for a mobile weather app that I threw together in the span of a couple of hours.

The Whole Car is a very interesting site that I really enjoyed working on, not only was I able to look at amazing classic cars all day but it was also a client that allowed me to use a wide range of my skills by working with custom graphics, interesting JavaScript functionality, updating their subreddit’s CSS.

  • index.html
  • styles.css
  • index.pug
  • styles.sass
  • scripts.js




<link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet" >



<h1> Hello World! <h1>

<h2> Welcome to theiananderson.com <h2>


<script src="scripts.js"></script>


body {

background-color: #303030;


h1 {

color: #f1f1f1;


h2 {

color: #FF8A65;


doctype html


link(href='styles.css' rel='stylesheet')


h1 Hello World

h2 Welcome to theiananderson.com



background-color: #303030


color: #f1f1f1


color: #FF8A65

console.log("Hello world!");